A Personal Note/Update

Just a little update on my family and current work. Last week I finished up my second year of teaching part-time at Westminster Academy in Memphis, TN. I had to finish grading the finals and wrapping up various other items. I will be back at Westminster for the upcoming school year. It has been a good experience.

I’ve also been busy with the work of building a house. We have been planning this for a few years, and will be finishing this process up within the next two months. The convergence of pastoring, end of school year work, and building a house has been too much lately!


2 thoughts on “A Personal Note/Update”

  1. Is your new house on the side of a hill where heaven touches the earth, where the seed thoughts of grand eschatology are allowed to bud, grow, and ferment into the sweet wine from the heavenlies? 😀

  2. At this stage, I’m not sure what side of the hill its on. I believe the whole process of building a house is a small picture of redemptive history!! I haven’t made it to the eschatological goal yet!

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