The Birth of Geerhardus Vos

One of my favorite theologians, Geerhardus Vos, was born this day, March 14, 1862, in Heerenveen, the Netherlands. Vos came to the United States in 1881 when his father became pastor of a church in Grand Rapids. Geerhardus studied at the Christian Reformed Seminary in Grand Rapids and then at Princeton Theological Seminary. He traveled back to Europe for doctoral studies in Berlin and Strassburg. He taught five years in Grand Rapids before answering the call to be the first Professor of Biblical Theology at the Princeton Theological Seminary in 1893. He served Princetont until his retirement at the age of  70 in 1932.

If you have never read Vos, I would suggest you start with sermons from Grace and Glory. Many of these are found on the website at various places (such as Kerux). I also think that Danny Olinger’s Geerhardus Vos Anthology provides a helpful starting point for people new to Vos and Biblical Theology. At some point, all who are interested in biblical theology and eschatology must read Pauline Eschatology. This book turned my theology upside down, especially the idea that “eschatology precedes soteriology.” Vos says, “[The] eschatological principle is so deeply embedded in the structure of the biblical religion as to precede and underlie everything else” (Pauline Eschatology, p. 66). Worthy of meditation!




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  2. I was at WTS yesterday for a D.A. Carson lecture. At an alumni luncheon after the lecture, Dr. Gaffin got up and asked what made the day special. Someone finally noted it was Vos’ birthday.

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