The Joy of Rediscovering God’s Hymnbook

That is the title of a helpful booklet authored by Frank Smith of Presbyterian Scholars Press. Smith believes that God’s hymnbook is actually the Book of Psalms, and he wants to introduce Psalm singing to contemporary congregations. There are six chapters in the booklet:

  1. Psalm-Singing through the Ages
  2. Metrical Psalmody
  3. Overcoming Obstacles and Objections
  4. Selecting the Right Psalter
  5. Getting Started
  6. Resources
If you are not familiar with Psalm singing, the opening chapter might surprise you regarding how common it was throughout history. In chapter three, “Overcoming Obstacles and Objections,” Smith examines typical questions about Psalm singing such as the difficulty of the tunes, singing from the Old Testament, and whether Psalm singing will seem “weird” to visitors. In the following chapters he also provides helpful suggestions regarding the various Psalters that are available, as well as practical tips on getting started. He concludes with a bibliography that covers various topics such as the Regulative Principle of Worship, “exclusive psalmody,” and A Cappella singing.

The booklet is available directly from Presbyterian Scholars Press (address: 5830 Millstone Drive, Cumming, Georgia 30028; email:, but you can also purchase it online from Reformation Heritage Books for only $4: The Joy of Rediscovering God’s Hymnbook: How to Introduce the Psalter into Congregational Worship. Dr. Joel Beeke provided the following endorsement:

“The Joy of Rediscovering God’s Hymnbook is a 101 primer on the ‘how to’ and the benefits of psalm singing. Frank Smith’s little book assists the church in understanding the history, principles, and possibilities for growing its psalm-singing commitment.”


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  1. James, The CRC/RCA has just produced a stunning new psalter. We contributed a version of Psalm 120. Does a much better job of providing various musical and textual approaches for the variety of psalms than most traditional psalters.

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