The Church: Mark Dever & Harry Reeder Audio

Second Presbyterian Church recently hosted their annual Christian Life Conference with guest speakers Mark Dever and Harry Reeder. The theme was the church, and they have posted the audio online:

  1. Faith Comes Through Hearing – Mark Dever
  2. How Christ Loves His Church – Harry Reeder
  3. Membership and Discipline – Mark Dever
  4. The Four Loves of Christ’s Church – Harry Reeder
  5. How Do I Love Christ’s Church – Harry Reeder
  6. The Importance of the Local Church – Mark Dever
  7. The Church is the Gospel Made Visible – Mark Dever

Both Reeder and Dever have also written books on this topic. Harry Reeder’s From Embers to a Flame examines the area of church revitalization, and his book The Leadership Dynamic focuses on raising effective leaders.

Mark Dever’s book 9 Marks of a Healthy Church is the cornerstone book for the 9Marks Ministry. In it, Dever examines marks like expositional preaching, a biblical understanding of evangelism, and strong church discipline. Dever also co-wrote The Deliberate Church with Paul Alexander, outlining how to be intentional in the life of the church. Finally, his What is a Healthy Church is a condensed but helpful version of the 9Marks book. If the issue of church health interests you, this will send you in a healthy direction.