Free Audiobook of the Month – “Handel’s Messiah” is offering a wonderful free download for the month of December: Handel’s Messiah: Comfort for God’s People by Calvin Stapert. WTS Books has a Google preview here. Here are a few endorsements of the book:

“Messiah is ‘the classic,’ not only in the West but even in Japan. I have been performing this magnificent work with Bach Collegium Japan every year in the past decade, but it still makes us exuberant each and every time we perform it. When it comes to Bach cantatas, we oftentimes cannot help but be earnest and vigilant performing them, but in Messiah we can pour our hearts out as we please! According to Reformer John Calvin, music can deliver words deeply into our hearts, as through a funnel wine is poured into a vessel. Messiah must be one of the best funnels distilling God’s words to the depths of our hearts. In this book my friend Calvin Stapert helps us understand this masterwork from manifold points of view, pouring deeper appreciation for the work into our hearts through the funnel of his words. Thank you very much, Cal!”
— Masaaki Suzuki, founder and director of Bach Collegium Japan

“A superb study of one of the most widely performed pieces of Western music. As we have come to expect from this author, the writing is profound and scholarly as well as lucid and accessible. This is destined to be a classic guide to a classic work.”
— Jeremy Begbie, Duke University

To download the audio book, click here. No coupon code required!

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