Videos of Dave Harvey on When Sinners Say I Do

I meant to link to this earlier, but I forgot!

Justin Taylor pointed everyone to some YouTube vidoes of Dave Harvey talking about his must read book on marriage [you can view the table of contents, forward, and preface here]. You can see the main page for the videos here. Below are the individual links from Justin’s blog:

Why I Wrote This Book 02:37

Why a book on marriage? And why talk so much about sin? Dave Harvey explains.

Chapter 1: What Really Matters in Marriage 02:41

What determines the quality of your marriage? Dave Harvey explains in this overview of chapter one: “What Really Matters in Marriage.”

Chapters 2-4 02:29

Often the deepest conflict is the one we’re not aware of, and our fiercest enemy is within our own hearts. Dave Harvey points us to the only hope for victory in this overview of chapters two through four.

Chapter 4: Taking It Out for a Spin 03:44

What actually causes conflict in marriage? You may be surprised at the answer in this overview of chapter four.

Chapter 6: Forgiveness, Full and Free 03:37

Is restoration possible after sin devastates a marriage? Hear one couple’s story in this overview of chapter six.

Chapter 7: The Spouse in Sin 03:18

Growth in holiness is not a solo project. In this overview of chapter seven, Dave Harvey explains how to humbly, patiently, and courageously lead your spouse to repentance.

Chapter 8: Stubborn Grace 04:28

God’s grace doesn’t just bring you to conversion, then leave you on your own. In this overview of chapter eight, Dave Harvey explains how the grace of God provides staying power for your life and your marriage.

Chapter 9: Concerning Sex 03:01

Sex. It’s a topic that has everyone’s attention. But it’s easy to forget that this topic has God’s attention as well. In this (G-rated) overview of chapter nine, Dave Harvey explains what the gospel has to do with this part of marriage.

Chapter 10: When Sinners Say Goodbye 04:12

It’s been said that all we need to do is live long enough, and we’ll be bereaved. In this overview of chapter ten, Dave Harvey talks about maintaining hope when “death do us part” actually happens.