3 thoughts on “Sacred Marriage

  1. Well, the point of the book is that marriage is not about the individual but about both people, and you are not in it primarily for you own happiness but in order for God to make you holy. He is targeting the confused notion today of marriage being all about me. So he is coming at it from several directions.

    It is quite practical because many people go into marriage thinking that it will bring them satisfaction and wholeness.

    To answer your question, I do think that holiness sometimes comes in the midst of terrible sadness and not happiness. I do not think God’s work of holiness can be confined to moments of happiness, depending upon what one means by happiness.

  2. I think that’s a good question, Tom.

    In reality, happiness and holiness are inextricably fused. But today we have “Lost the Virtue of Happiness,” in Dr. Moreland’s fine words. Mindlessly, we tend to think of happiness as something external, the house, the income, the beautiful spouse, the three weeks vacation and steak dinners.

    According to the teaching of Jesus, holiness, like happiness, is internal to the person. It is retained in the midst of external pain (torture, the cross) and external wickedness (the Gulag concentration camp).

    In the words of poet Angelus Silesius:
    “By outward marks of honor no wise man is elated. /
    Honor enough for him in being God-related.”

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