Should Christians Have Large Families?

Craig Carter thinks we should. He found Akin’s comments from Joe Carter’s post, and provided these six reasons for large families:

  1. God has never rescinded his command to “be fruitful and multiply.”
  2. There are numerous passages in the OT that view children as a blessing from the Lord (eg. Ps. 127:3).
  3. Contrary to much conventional wisdom, the world’s birth rate is declining rapidly…
  4. Christians have hope for the future because of our faith in God.
  5. All abortion and some forms of contraception should be rejected by Christians.
  6. Christians need to submit their wills to God and accept children as gifts from Him, rather than as “projects” or “products” of our own wills.

Read the whole post for his explanations.

5 thoughts on “Should Christians Have Large Families?”

  1. James,

    Maybe there are reason for Christians to have more kids, but these aren’t them. Most of these arguments are frankly terrible, which is not usual for the stuff you link. I wrote why on that page, if you’re interested.

    Andrew Faris

  2. Andrew,

    I always enjoy your comments, even when you disagree with me. On top of that, you gave me a compliment while nailing my link! 🙂

    I, however, will have to disagree with you on this one. I was really surprised that you responded this way to Carter’s points. I agree with what he says. I personally think this is a crucial issue for Christians, but I would not discount some of your concerns. It’s more of a both/and issue.

    Be fruitful and multiply man!!


  3. Hey, I’m doing my part. You need to kick it into high gear Pastor James.

    Andrew, I was right there with you 8-10 years ago. I barely make enough to support my wife, but the Lord takes care of us… all eight of us. He promised he would.

  4. Well, I was right there with you until point 5, “All abortion and some forms of contraception should be rejected by Christians.”

    All forms of contraception should be rejected by Christians.

    If serious reasons cause a couple to believe that a pregnancy would be harmful (e.g., the wife would face an unusually high risk to her life should she become pregnant), then periodic or total continence is the only licit alternative. Absent a serious justification, married Christians should be open to life, that is, they should be open to the blessings which God might choose to bestow upon them. It is hard (if not impossible) to reconcile belief in God’s word when it teaches that children are blessings from Him and the use of contraceptives.

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