Studies in Christianity and Culture

Justin Taylor referenced a new book written by John Barber, pastor of Cornerstone PCA in Palm Beech Gardens, FL, on the relationship of Christ and culture: The Road from Eden: Studies in Christianity and Culture. John Frame makes the following statement about the book:

Barber cannot be accused of proposing simple answers. He is a master of the complexities of actual culture and of the discussions concerning it. Wherever the reader stands philosophically or theologically, he will learn that the issues are more complex than he had before imagined, and he will have large amounts of new knowledge at his disposal. Further, he will gain much enjoyment from the clear and winsome style of the book, remarkable amid such a torrent of information and technical expertise….This book sets the Christ and Culture discussion on a higher plane. It should be the starting point of all further conversations about these matters.

The book is 587 pages in length. It is available from WTSBooks, and you can view the table of contents online at the previous link.