Urbana Lectures by Eric Alexander (Acts & Ephesians)

Eric Alexander is one of the finest expositors in the church during our time. The Urbana website provides some transcribed lectures from Alexander at the Urbana Conferences in 1981 and 1984. I have actually heard the Acts lectures, and they are very helpful.

Eric Alexander on Acts (1981)

Pentecost and Missions (Acts 2)
Mission and Opposition (Acts 4-6)
Mission and the People God Calls (Acts 6-7)
Mission and Vision (Acts 13:1-6; and 16 )

Eric Alexander on Ephesians (1984)

The Basis of Christian Salvation (Ephesians 1:1-14)
The Ministry of Christian Interceding (Ephesians 1:15-23)
The Nature of Christian Experience (Ephesians 2)
The Privileges of Christian Ministry (Ephesians 3)

Eric Alexander is also the author of What is Biblical Preaching? He is also a contributor to these volumes:

Westminster Bookstore also has Alexander’s lectures from the WTS Spring 2001 Conference on Preaching on two CDs.

6 thoughts on “Urbana Lectures by Eric Alexander (Acts & Ephesians)”

  1. I just accessed this website 4 the 1st time & noticed that u have the wrong yrs 4 the Eric Alexander Urbana Lectures. I was at Urbana ’84 & heard Eric Alexander speak, & it was definitely the series on Ephesians. I actually have the cassette tapes 4 them & the book “Faithful Witness: Urbana ’84 Compendium” that has a complete word 4 word transcription of all the speaker’s messages that they produced shortly after the Convention. The titles u have r exactly right, I think u just reversed the yrs. Even after 26 yrs I still feel the impact of Eric Alexander’s biblical expositions on Eph. 1-3. I still relisten them & can even hear his marvelous Scottish Brogue in the written version of the compendium.

  2. What a blessing it was to hear Eric Alexander for my first time at Urbana 84. The messages on Ephesians were so edifying that, like Bartley Phillips, I bought the cassette tapes. It was a privilege to hear him again when he spoke at Believers Chapel in Dallas a few years ago.

    Thank you, Brother Grant, for posting the links to the transcripts. Unfortunately, the Urbana website has taken them down (or archived them elsewhere in cyberspace); they only have Urbana 09 on their website, and info for the upcoming Urbana 12.

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