How About Ron Paul?

Gene Veith:

There are many permutations of where a person can stand politically. Texas congressman Ron Paul, who has just raised a boatload of money, is running for the GOP presidential nomination as a socially-conservative, pro-life libertarian. He is anti-Iraq war and anti-illegal immigration. He is a champion of civil liberties and of limited government. He believes that the government should do nothing that is not specified in the constitution. And he is an active, conservative Christian, raised as an ELCA Lutheran though presently a Baptist. Check out this useful site specifying where the candidate stands on the whole array of issues. I know some people who support him strongly. How do you think he measures up?

3 thoughts on “How About Ron Paul?”

  1. Voting records allow us to judge someone without knowing the background behind the vote. I would suggest coupling this with the reason Dr Paul voted the way he did.

    For the main issues, you should start here:

    For any issue, try this here:

    I highly recommend you to consider what Michael Anthony Peroutka (former nominee for the Constitution Party) has to say:

  2. Ron Paul is a serious candidate and deserves more attention. For those who think the constitution really means something he is the only consistent choice on a major ticket.

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