The Super Bowl & Kurt Warner

Kurt Warner seems like a great guy and a fine Christian. Although I thought the game was great, it was very disappointing to watch him lose. Consider this:

  • He has the three top passing games in Super Bowl history
  • He has the most yards in Super Bowl history (1164)

In his first game against the Titans, he drove his team down the field to score, and Tennessee turned around and almost did the same thing, falling a yard short. Warner posted 414 yards (most in Super Bowl history), and won the MVP.

In his second game, he drove his team down the field and scored, only to stand back and watch Tom Brady go back down the field with his own drive.

In his third game, he drove his team down the field and scored against the best defense in the league, only to stand back and watch big Ben perform the game-winning drive.

Before the game, Warner won the Walter Payton Man of the Year award, which honors a player’s volunteer and charity work. That kind of work will last much longer than the Super Bowl victories and records.

2 thoughts on “The Super Bowl & Kurt Warner”

  1. Yeah, I thought out loud when Fitzgerald caught the leading td pass, “that’s what you wanted to do, but not with that much time left on the clock.” The real game winner was the turn over that turned into a td. That changed the score by a minimum of 10 points, and more likely 14.

    Warner is a classy guy. You just don’t see a lot of guys with families in those roles.

  2. Excellent way to honor the guy. He’s going to the hall of fame with at least one Super Bowl ring. And his career isn’t over. That Arizona team is a young team. Lots of room to grow.

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