La Réforme: Celebrating the French Reformation on the Quincentennial of Pierre Viret (1511–71)

Last fall at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Michael A.G. Haykin and The Andrew Fuller Center hosted a conference on the French Reformation: La Réforme – Celebrating the French Reformation on the Quincentennial of Pierre Viret (1511–71). Along with the lecture on Pierre Viret, there are lectures on Calvin and Beza.


C. K. Barrett Audio

C. K. Barrett, who died on August 26, 2011, at the age of 94, was Professor of Divinity at the University of Durham for 24 years, and he was a prolific NT scholar. His commentary on the Gospel of John was an important work during that generation of scholarship, as well as his commentary on Romans. Of his numerous works, he also contributed two volumes to the ICC commentary on Acts (vol. 1, 1-14; vol. 2, 15-28). I have never heard Barrett, but I stumbled upon a post by Matthew D. Montonini where he linked to some audio by C. K. Barrett from the Asbury Theological Seminary. You can find them here.

The Church: Mark Dever & Harry Reeder Audio

Second Presbyterian Church recently hosted their annual Christian Life Conference with guest speakers Mark Dever and Harry Reeder. The theme was the church, and they have posted the audio online:

  1. Faith Comes Through Hearing – Mark Dever
  2. How Christ Loves His Church – Harry Reeder
  3. Membership and Discipline – Mark Dever
  4. The Four Loves of Christ’s Church – Harry Reeder
  5. How Do I Love Christ’s Church – Harry Reeder
  6. The Importance of the Local Church – Mark Dever
  7. The Church is the Gospel Made Visible – Mark Dever

Both Reeder and Dever have also written books on this topic. Harry Reeder’s From Embers to a Flame examines the area of church revitalization, and his book The Leadership Dynamic focuses on raising effective leaders.

Mark Dever’s book 9 Marks of a Healthy Church is the cornerstone book for the 9Marks Ministry. In it, Dever examines marks like expositional preaching, a biblical understanding of evangelism, and strong church discipline. Dever also co-wrote The Deliberate Church with Paul Alexander, outlining how to be intentional in the life of the church. Finally, his What is a Healthy Church is a condensed but helpful version of the 9Marks book. If the issue of church health interests you, this will send you in a healthy direction.

Free Audiobook of the Month – “Handel’s Messiah” is offering a wonderful free download for the month of December: Handel’s Messiah: Comfort for God’s People by Calvin Stapert. WTS Books has a Google preview here. Here are a few endorsements of the book:

“Messiah is ‘the classic,’ not only in the West but even in Japan. I have been performing this magnificent work with Bach Collegium Japan every year in the past decade, but it still makes us exuberant each and every time we perform it. When it comes to Bach cantatas, we oftentimes cannot help but be earnest and vigilant performing them, but in Messiah we can pour our hearts out as we please! According to Reformer John Calvin, music can deliver words deeply into our hearts, as through a funnel wine is poured into a vessel. Messiah must be one of the best funnels distilling God’s words to the depths of our hearts. In this book my friend Calvin Stapert helps us understand this masterwork from manifold points of view, pouring deeper appreciation for the work into our hearts through the funnel of his words. Thank you very much, Cal!”
— Masaaki Suzuki, founder and director of Bach Collegium Japan

“A superb study of one of the most widely performed pieces of Western music. As we have come to expect from this author, the writing is profound and scholarly as well as lucid and accessible. This is destined to be a classic guide to a classic work.”
— Jeremy Begbie, Duke University

To download the audio book, click here. No coupon code required!

Peter Kreeft Online

Peter Kreeft is a professor of philosophy at Boston College and at the King’s College in New York City, and he is author of numerous books, usually in the area of apologetics and philosophy such as Between Heaven and Hell: A Dialog Somewhere Beyond Death with John F. Kennedy, C. S. Lewis & Aldous Huxley and Christianity for Modern Pagans: Pascal’s Pensees to mention only two. Kreeft has a website that covers his writings, audio, and books. The audio section includes lectures from Kreeft on topics such as moral virtue, literature, apologetics, philosophy and various other areas. Several lectures examine the philosophy and theology of C. S. Lewis.

Sermons by Jim Elliot

Jim Elliot was a missionary to Ecuador who was killed, along with four other missioanries, while they attempted to reach the Waodani people. This mission work is described by Elisabeth Elliot in Through Gates of Splendor. I was surprised to discover (via Nick Batzig) that there are two sermons by Jim Elliot from Wheaton College.

According to the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton, Elliot and Ed McCully, both of whom were graduates of Wheaton College in 1949, spent six months as home missionaries before going to Ecuador. During that time (1951), they taught Bible studies and conducted a radio broadcast. The Graham Center has two audio recordings of Elliot’s sermons from that period of time.

Here is Elliot’s sermon on “The Feeding of the Five Thousand.”

Here is Elliot’s sermon on “The Resurrection.”

Sinclar Ferguson: The Heartbeat of Gospel Ministry

Dr. Sinclair Ferguson was the 2010 den Dulk Lecturer on Pastoral Ministry at Westminster Seminary in California. Ferguson lectured on “Not ourselves, but Jesus Christ . . . with ourselves: The Heartbeat of Gospel Ministry.” A friend who attended these lectures suggested that I listen to them. Below are the lectures:

L’Abri Audio Resources

L’Abri is known as a community and ministry originally connected to Francis and Edith Schaeffer, but it eventually became an international Christian ministry called “L’Abri Fellowship International.” They also have a website called L’Abri Ideas Library, which allows you to download important audio resource from the L’Abri tradition. They have Edith Schaeffer’s two-part lecture on the story of L’Abri, lectures by Francis Schaeffer, Dick Keyes, Jerram Barrs, and Hans Rookmaaker to mention a few. You can check out some of the Mp3s here.